For stoners, finding the best weed grinder that fits our smoking habits can be game-changing.  What you’re looking for in a grinder can vary depending on cost, ease of use, grinding abilities, and durability.

Following extensive market research, partly based on online user reviews (particularly from amazon), we handpicked the top 4 best weed grinders in 2020, as well as a buying guide to help you make an out-of-list decision.

Mamba Sure Shot Electric Grinder

This grinder is arguably one of the best portable electric grinders on the market. It’s fairly unique and designed for easy herb grinding on the go. Its funnel attachment allows you to place the grinder right onto on a cone – your bowl – or a vaporizer chamber – and just grind your buds and have them automatically go into what your going to smoke or vape them out of.

Its one-hand-operation design makes it a good fit for persons with issues like arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and related mobility concerns. If you don’t have the hand strength to turn a standard grinder – the MAMBA is going to be a big help.


  • One-handed operation
  • The teeth move in opposite directions preventing clogging
  • Funnel attachment


  • Low power
  • Takes 4 AA’s
  • Can sometimes stall

LONZEN Rechargeable Electric Dry Herb Grinder

What’s unique about this rechargeable grinder is a classy see-through glass chamber that helps you see your herbs while grinding – so you grind them to the perfect consistency. If you are a color freak, the device comes in a variety of colors.


  • large capacity (can grind up to 2g in one go)
  • Two year warranty offer
  • see-through glass
  • safety design (does not operate when blades are exposed).


  • Expensive
  • Glass window can break
  • Li-ion cells eventually weaken & die

Chromium Crusher

A classic many of you are sure to be familiar with – Its outstanding hand crank is designed for a seamless, smooth & satifying operation. Although electric grinders are easier and often faster, the cost can be prohibitive and you need to manage a power source. The Chromium Crusher helps you save a couple of bucks, while still being fancier than your average hand grinder. This unit comes with a magnetic lid for an automatic lock. Of course there are a wide range of colours to choose from.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Impressive customer service
  • Includes kief scraper


  • Grinds too fine for some
  • Cleaning it sucks

9to5 Crusher

If you want to add a little style and comfort to your smoking sessions, then this grinder will be a nice investment. Although it may cost a few more bucks than you expected, this 5-piece removable jar and screen is a step ahead of the competition. It gives you a properly ground result – without the fear of having too fine particles – one complaint common with most cheaper grinders and busters.

The 9to5 crusher comes with an adorable guitar pick, designed for a kief scraper, and a “nice to have” carry case. It has a clear chamber your ground up buds end up in, you can see the grinding progress without lifting the lid. A great stash jar that’s easy to keep everything in while you’re on the go.


  • great customer service
  • quality material and design
  • transparent detachable storage chamber
  • removable kief catcher screen


  • Intimidating for beginners
  • May occasionally squeak during operation
  • Cost prohibitive

How can I choose the best weed grinder?

Here’s a few factors that should influence a well-informed buying decision:

Versatility – Do you want a grind-only device, or one that can also be used for storing a few extra buds? A few things to think about are that while no-storage devices are more compact, one that has storage may help when on the go.

User Reviews – just like what you’re doing right now! Reading up on product reviews and checking out a few buyer guides will help you choose the grinder that’s right for you.

Security – Watch for magnetic locks or whatever technology guarantees adequate sealing of the grinder’s top cover.  Aside from keeping the flavor and aroma intact, a good seal will offer protection against moisture and dirt. You don’t want pocket lint working it’s way into your stash.

Warranty – having a warranty brings peace of mind, if durability is questionable, it would be wise to choose a product with a longer warranty. I’ve had a few shitty grinders (even metal ones) snap off a tooth or two on a particularly dense nug.

How to get the most out of your grinder

Here are a few maintenance tips for you to keep your grinder in tip-top shape:

  • Place grinder in the refrigerator for roughly 15 minutes before cleaning. This helps loosens residual materials
  • Remove the compartments and clean each part gently. Watch out for kief stuck in the grooves or corners of the grinder
  • For cleaning ease, use a toothpick, or a brush with soft bristles. Avoid scraping the kief off with a metal instrument.
  • After you’ve gotten the kief cleaned from your grinder, soak it in isopropyl alcohol. This removes the gunk that might have been left hanging after cleaning.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft, clean cloth.